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在聖誕過後,這一年即將進入尾聲。 LAB select LIVE第四回,我們決定回歸現場呈現的音樂本質,力邀來自台北老字號電子音樂組合KbN的CheeR,化身為Kingfisher做初次演出!!Kingfisher將以非舞池傾向的電子音樂為主,為聽眾們帶來一個小時的mix set,敬請期待

LAB select LIVE #04 : The rise of Kingfisher
date : 2011.12.28 20:00-21:00
place : LAB TAIPEI / 台北市萬華區峨眉街96號
LIVE STREAM : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lab-select-live

guest DJ:

關於KbN :

Formed over 10 years ago in Taipei (1998), the experimental electronic group KbN has been subtly exploring electronic music and performing in Taiwan ever since. With their simple, succinct approach to music the band has proven itself to be one of the strongest underground experimental electronic groups in Taiwan, and have blazed a trail in musical style that should prove to remain for years to come.

While the band’s first album/documentary—“Before 2005”—may perhaps most easily be described as downbeat or trip-hop, they’re more recent work builds upon that platform and extends further into the realm of experimental electronic. KbN’s creative diversity has created plentiful opportunities for artistic expression throughout Taiwan’s arts and music scene—everything from shows in prominent venues for independent music and arts to movie soundtracks.

The band has shown itself to be a very capable live performance group, playing for years at music and arts festivals all over the island. This includes three of Taiwan’s largest music festivals—Formoz, Spring Scream, and Ho Hai Yan Rock Festival—along with too many others to mention here briefly.

KbN has also appeared on four compilation albums in Taiwan. One released by the Ho Hai Yan music festival, and two others released by two of Taiwan’s most influential independent music distributors: White Wabbit and Silent Agreement.

The band has also collaborated with Taiwanese filmmakers and appears on the following films: Three Times (directed by Hou Hsiao-Hsien), Reflection (directed by Yao Hung-Yi), The Bean (directed by Wang Mei-Jung & Luo Chiao-Mei).

Having established connections throughout almost every avenue of artistic expression in Taiwan, KbN has managed to stay true to its musical foundation and is looking deeper into further areas of artistic expression.

words by Nathan Davis

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